Welcome to all the new and current members, PLEASE READ THESE RULES

These rules come directly from Pejman, himself. They are the SAME as the rules used in our private facebook group.
Any members found not adhering to these rules may receive warnings or even banishment from the forum at the administrator's discretion. (Please do not force us to use the ban hammer, it's incredibly heavy.)


1. Don't fuck each other over - If you start misleading members, selling each other bullshit, I will find you and I will kick your ass out. You don't get far in business screwing people.

2. Read #1 again, and please if you are about to do business with other members, please do your own homework and due diligence. If you are being solicited services at random, or have been ripped off by a member, message an admin or myself so we can be aware.

3. Do not self promote your business. You are welcome to get feedback, but we weren't born yesterday. Make sure to get any promotional post approved by an admin first. You get 1 warning, you get banned from the forum after the 2nd one.

4. Do not share illegal/pirated software and do not tell people where they can go to steal other people's digital products. That shit isn't cool.

5. While I understand you may need someone to fund your dreams or kickstart your project, please clear these by us first or they will be deleted.

6. Do not post money making opportunities, or investment opportunities. NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. Show common courtesy towards members, don't smash people for not knowing what you think they should know. I know some people may come across naive or stupid, but keep in mind that we have people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

8. Don't be weak. If you ask for feedback or help and don't get the answer you want, or people give you brutally honest feedback then take it for what it is (their perspective). If you want to make it in business, then don't be weak and sad the moment something doesn't go your way.

9. If you have an issue, reach out to us. If you don't communicate with your admins, we have no way of knowing you have an issue.

10. Before posting the same question over and over, please watch the academy videos, search our forum, use google, and then ask a productive question rather than a generalized one so you can get an answer that helps you move forward. EX: How can I stay motivated is a bad question to ask, but saying "I watched this AMA and yet still face issues of motivation because of blah blah blah" may help you get a better answer. Be resourceful, and don't be lazy.

11. Our priority is to keep a clean and productive community so everyone can benefit and learn or help one another. If you are unsure of something, PLEASE ASK US.

Thank you, happy networking & welcome to our community.


PS: Please don't make me chase you. If you read Third Circle Theory leave an honest review on Amazon.


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