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    Exclamation How Do You Overcome Lazy?

    I always will go strong and accomplish obscene amounts of things for weeks straight and feel good the entire time. Then I get sick or some how crash. I can't get back into the swing of things and feel lazy for a long period till I magically pick up again.

    How do you get out of a lazy spot or back into your daily success routine?
    Im interested to hear the ideas and I also hope this benefits the community!

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    You have to work towards being self-motivated. No one is going to be by your side every day to motivate you. Took me a while to learn this concept, but once I got it down, it was an awesome feeling!

    When I do get lazy, I tend to just sit back and think about what could happen if I wasn't being lazy, then this motivates me to get up and keep moving forward.

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    Yep, totally agree with Jsgouwens.

    I just think that I'll be closer than yesterday/closer than If I just stayed sat down and been lazy, to reach my dreams. That just motivates me more than anything

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    I try to picture my long term goal every morning the moment i wake up. What do i really want out of this life? It sounds shallow but material images help. I imagine the hot girls, the nice cars, big house, and myself with a sixpack and just a straight up boss at whatever it is im doing. Ownership, control and freedom. That gets my ass right out of bed and could help overcome ones laziness. Gets me off the sofa and into the gym too. Good luck

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    If you're getting overwhelmed, try focusing super short term... like 10-30 days MAX for most things. The further into the future you try to think the less control you have over it and the less likely things will go to plan. So if you want to start a business, just get the logo done by next week. Then think about the website. Then the sales funnel. Whatever. But one thing at a time, short term goal setting.

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    Make sure to set a goal, a target date and what you will do once the job tasks are done for the time being. It provides you with something to look forward to, allows you to take a step back and provides a healthy recuperation from the daily stress of the life you go through each day then. For me, it's mostly travel.

    This way, after I set 30 days for something, the 2-3 day travel to some place I'd like to visit helps a lot. Specially when I compile music, think of ways to entertain myself during the trip there, since you probably spend 2-3 weekends before that devising everything it's a fun thing to do.

    Once you get used to treating yourself, getting back to work is simply another exciting event.

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