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Thread: Overcoming FEAR

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    Overcoming FEAR

    Over coming fear sounds easy enough right? Just distance yourself from irrational emotions when making decisions and you will be fine. Well how do you all do that? For some the concept is easy enough, but to others it takes time to master, and be truly "comfortable" placing oneself in "uncomfortable" situations. In your daily life how do you challenge yourself to over come "FEAR"? Might be as simple as posting in this forum to forcing yourself to engage a new person everyday in a conversation. So as mentioned before, what do you all do on a day to day basis to help over come your irrational fears???
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    For an example Ill go first. Today consisted of cold calling 74 Atlanta based restaurants. Granted the initial 4-5 calls didn't answer, I could have stopped at that, packed up and said F this project, but you have to want success more then the fear of rejection or failure. So you pick that phone back up and keep dialing. Thanks for listening.


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    I purposely put myself in uncomfortable situations, take meetings and calls I might not really want to take, and back myself into a corner either financially or with some kind of commitment that forces me to perform, leaving myself no other option but success. When you have no out, you don't let the fear stop you.

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    You and I get the concept, leave yourself no other option but success. So what have you done in the past 24 hrs no matter how big or small to be used as an example?

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    Act first, figure out later. Waiting grows the fear in most cases and ends up in not taking action at all. (10XRule)
    Well, it's easy said, but in many situations the right decision!

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