Ok, I slack off and tend to drift away from my goals. I want to get in a goal completion mindset. And I love to help people (sometimes more than myself). So what im looking for here is someone to bounce back and suggest goals with. Large and small. How I imagine it would work: Communicate with a partner about their startup project and goals and exchange suggested goals with each other, and obviously follow up with each other?s activity. Example: Your site is a little dry, update a social media feed daily with at least a picture. Super easy, takes 10 min tops. Something to get the ball rolling and keep that habit I suppose. Or, I want you to call that hotel you mentioned and set up an appointment with them to discuss your idea. I would find this beneficial because I might learn something to work on that I would?ve never thought of if not mentioned by this other person. You can also think of this as your gym buddy who pushes you to get that one more set in. This would probably reduce my chances in getting in a comfort zone. I want to progress, and If feel I im being pushed. More like a help me help you thing. If anybody (preferably in the NYC) area is interested, I would be excited to hear about your project and brainstorm some short term and even long term goals. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to add to this. If anybody has some short term goals template, like update social media page every day, new article every other day, set up 2 appointments for next week. Kind of thing. Please feel free to share it!

If interested in partaking in this experiment with me, please feel free to contact me at dompie85@aol.com (I will check my PM box too) and we can exchange more information from there