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    Question How have you used TCT?

    I just wanted to share real quick.

    TCT has been a sure mind opener to my surroundings and opportunities to help others. I have finished TCT, the financial series, and am working on the leadership series. First off it has helped me realize faults and fears, and change my mindset to see everything as my decision, and my choice. Among other things it has helped me focus on singling out and firing up the vision for myself, and my business, and for that I am grateful.

    Today we had an end-of-year team meeting and I discussed with my team the importance of the bigger picture, teamwork, and a few other things. Afterwards two of my employees (who are boyfriend/girlfriend) came to me closed door and completely vented and really let go to me, an almost total stranger, about everything that was going on. I was able to use the TCT mindset and a lot of what I have learned from the series to turn an hour of tears into a handshake and a hug. I gave them some homework to set goals and think about awareness and preparedness, and when they were leaving i could just see the determination in her eyes to overcome. I lent them my hard copy of TCT and warned them. It was great to see how real life TCT really is and that with the right mindset we can handle anything. It was humbling to be honest.

    Thanks for reading and happy new year,
    Enjoy the Drive/

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    Hey Nick! Yeah, it's pretty awesome how universal the advice in TCT is! Glad you were able to use it in your day to day life

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