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    "the ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world...

    ....Are the ones that do"

    Whether i'm at work, with family or just chatting with buddies or some female friends, I am constantly told I should write book. This stems from my state of mind.

    I pity the status quo, it disgusts me. People doing the same thing, day in and day out, on auto pilot because "society" has said this is what they should be doing.

    Im a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, i make good money , nothing outrageous, I'm 24, laser focused and determined. too the most where my friends call me an alien. I truly believe in abundance, and that is the only way. If people around me (which nones of them do, hence i am on this forum) I get very angry, yet confused. Their blessed with life, health, family, and yet... are complacent.

    I take nothing for granted, and I will always gain , have, or obtain the competitive edge over anyone that tries to compete with me.

    Im an avid reader, audio books, (people call me a drone) and that is the problem, the negativity that I'm surrounded by which I'm sure most of you are as well.

    I feel as though I'm in the movie "click" with adam sandler, and everyone is paused while I'm scrambling around to self educate and formulate an idea, to truly change lives and bring value.

    My mantra is bringing value to others is the most important rule to success. Although Im not in forbes just yet, doesn't mean I won't be.

    I want to know if anyone of you are like myself... reading, audio books, motivational audio clips, vision board, daily planner to write your visions down. My ideology, and i can feel it brewing as I type, that my ONE idea, my ONE visionary tale, will change the world.

    As for now, i make 150k-200k at Merrill Lynch, which is basically worse than being poor. Your right in the middle of the rate race.

    What I love :
    teaching others, bringing value to them on a deep level whether emotional or physical, opening someones mind to endless possibilities.

    Giving any and everyone i meet a smile to put on their face and a new perspective on their life.

    I started a website, a few months back, I have not been too active, but just getting back into it. I always have the need to constantly educate myself and teach myself new feats in life (SEO - custom CSS)

    Its not mayor of expertise, but i started the website to share inspiration, and belief.

    I look forward to reading more from you guys, and I am very happy i came across secret entourage. I watch your videos and look at your posts on IG, and its like myself, but wealthier, to the T!

    keep it up, and check out my website , any feedback is very much appreciated, and input as to a direction to head down. My vision is set, i know i will have everything I ask out of life, and more, just looking for a nudge in the direction.

    Thank you - Mike Banjany

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    My name is Jimmy, I will be graduating from a university in Ohio soon, with the hopes of working at Edward Jones or a Merrill. Currently I am studying for the CFP exam, however several weeks ago I came across an Instagram account called "Secret Entourage".

    They have motivated me to think outside the box and to read an enormous amount. So really looking back at my college career, and what my future may hold, I am almost questing myself about going for a Merrill. I do not want to make just 200k, I want more, I need more. My family and friends call me crazy, but I am so happy to see your hunger in your post and your website.

    I guess then, what type of advice do you have for someone in my position? Are you still at Merrill? What would you like to do with your life?


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    We are all here because we're crazy, and that's an awesome thing. The "awesome" factor will unfold along the way.
    "Where there is no vision, there is no hope."
    -George Washington Carver

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    Quote Originally Posted by stay on top View Post
    I want to know if anyone of you are like myself... reading, audio books, motivational audio clips, vision board, daily planner to write your visions down.
    I'm definitely like you in this! I keep a vision board as the background of my phone, and I read a lot (I don't do audio books though. Personally, I get distracted while listening and end up missing a lot, so I stick to reading). I also am a big advocate for writing visions down. I believe that writing things down forces you to create a clearer picture in your mind, and in turn, helping you work harder for it because you know exactly what it is; and whenever I'm feeling down, or like the effort I'm putting in isn't working, I go back and read some of my visions again to help re-motivate me!

    Keep it up!

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    Well Mike, as I was reading what you wrote, I honestly felt like i wrote it. Same situations: I'm 26, was going to work in Finance for MetLife, but after passing my tests something just didn't feel right. I told myself that if I was going to dedicate 12-14 hours a day(if not more) to my work, it had better be something that I love. I just didn't see the position at Met as being that fulfilling.

    In terms of reading, I make it a point to read a book a week, no matter how long the book is. This week is "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J. Schwartz. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts religiously, as well as motivational speeches and everything in between. Like you, I'm equally viewed as odd because what I(we) do IS different. For a while I had trouble excepting that I was the "weird" one. But over time, I discovered that being different wasn't a bad thing. In fact, living within that complacency bubble, selling out for a paycheck was the worst situation I could see myself in. And unfortunately there are many people living that way.

    But lastly, the worst part, is being surround by negativity. No question for me. Others(including family) telling me that my dreams are unrealistic, I need to be more reasonable, or "you need a degree to do that". That's the main reason I joined SE; for the community. I have been struggling to find like minded people to surround myself with, and have found myself distancing myself from friends and family if they don't support me. So here at SE, in the podcasts I listen to, and in the books I read are where I found out that those places are where I belong.

    Always open to talk and share ideas or even just bullshit. When our minds are going 100 different directions, sometimes we need to decompress.

    Best of luck on the journey man,


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