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    Rare Video of Elon Musk - Work ethics, Principles, Attitude, Failure

    Elon doesn't do much in the realm of public speaking but when he does, listen up. It is very rare to find an entrepreneur who thinks as big as Elon. He co-founded PayPal, built a car company that has completely transformed the way the world views electric vehicles, and since 2012 has built a space program who's ultimate goal is to make way for people to live on Mars.

    Stories of innovators just like him in the '60s and '70s were the work of science-fiction.

    The video above has some great words of wisdom that aren't watered down or hyped up. Watch him and be inspired. It doesn't matter where you currently are in business or mindset, you can always go much further than you think possible.
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    I have a habit of over simplifying things and reasoning from there. Its nice to know im not stupid for thinking that way.

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