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    Thumbs up Dame Dash -- The Boss vs The Employee mindset!

    Came across this video and had to share...Dame Dash is fired up!

    "Can you give it to your kids?!?!"

    Let me know what you think!

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    At the beginning of the interview he was all over the place. I understood him better towards the end.
    He has a point, which would have made across efficiently if he wouldn't have been yelling and being disrespectful. Nevertheless, working for your "own last name" and especially teaching children to have a different mentality from the beginning is fundamental.
    If it is hard to get it, it is worth it. - Me


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    The smartest thing that I ever did was make myself unemployable. If you take on a self employed mindset you can't work for other people ever again because you see through the BS too easily and if you are like me you don't have a filter. With that being said, not everyone is cut out for it and there isn't anything wrong with going to work and providing for your family. For example, my wife and I are polar opposites (yin and yang it works wonderfully). she is more cautious and likes the steady paycheck. However, she loves my motivation to work for myself and to run our investments. There isn't a right and a wrong. The world needs both sides, but they are clearly different.

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    I mean I agree with the mentality bc I understand it... but at the same time - it definitely isn't for everybody ... I think it's just a matter of what you want for your life and how much you believe in yourself at the end of the day. Entrepreneurship > Working for someone else.

    I still work a job... but I definitely won't be here forever.

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    Everyone is focusing on "how" he said what he said. Sometimes the truth needs to be harsh to wake some people up, and understand the context + setting he was in. They were really there to gossip and make money off of old substance. That is annoying and very chatty patty like. I agreed with EVERY point Dame said and how he said it!

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