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    How to Increase Your Chances to achieve Your GOALS

    I like this quick 60 seconds video. Focus on "visualizing the process and not the dream future."

    What tips do you guys have to achieve goals and stay focused?

    If it is hard to get it, it is worth it. - Me


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    Write things down. I dont know how many times i have ideas or just a task list of things to do and get so distracted because i dont remember all of the things i may have earlier in the day. Have a small notebook that you just write everything down in. Not a journal but just a task/idea list. From there you have something to expand on or cross off. Crossing an item off a list is always more rewarding than just doing something, at least for me!

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    Nice post. It's true that when I visualize that dream future, not only it seems like it's going to be easy and perfect but it limits what my dreams are.

    Only you can limit your own potential and the sky is the limit. And don't give up like most people, for when you persevere, you will succeed and we will meet at the top someday!

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