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    Andy Frisella Entrepreneur of the Year video discussion thread...

    First off congrats to Andy Frisella, well deserved.
    I just wanted to create a thread where his video could be discussed. Feel free to post a review or ask a question about the topics he hit on...

    I'll start, when he spoke on patience (coincidentally I read his new IG post about patience like an hour later, so forgive me of I'm crossing the two) it really kind of hit me, I'm very impatient and am always having to move, its going to be hard to slow down and let time work and not get frantic about no money (havnt had a sale or new job in three days now at the shop).
    Leading into...
    He also spoke on a progression from self centered to helping others, my question is that not a natural progression? Don't you have to help yourself before you can help others? Money isn't everything, but without it alot of things wouldn't be possible... I guess that really shows TCT.

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    Just want to say that a person firstly need to have a well developed and free mindset to really be in the force to help others for their profit and not your own.
    For sure you can help them when you are for example in the first circle in little things.
    But for real progress of them and help changing their lifes you should be in the third circle, because in my opinion your should firstly find yourself before even thinking about helping others in life changing ways, cause if you are wrong, which is often when you are in your beginning developing stage, it could be horrible for your students.

    Maybe you can help them in little things, but in my perception you should have found your purpose before helping others in very big things cause you could manipulate or hurt them.

    cheers Rene

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    Congrats to Andy on the huge honor! Unbelievable the selflessness that guy practices on a daily basis. I personally know fitness athletes working with Andy to make their dreams a reality and he is surely making a lifetime impression on them through experience, motivation, and determination while keeping a "help first" mindset. Helping others achieve their goals and you will achieve yours seems blurry to most but Andy is living proof that this method trumps all.

    Way to go AF.

    Phil Cav

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