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    Angry My ADD is NOT helping me! How to manage it?

    You would think that having all these great ideas and thoughts running trough your head is an amazing thing! It actually is, but managing and keeping up with it is the hard part.
    I'll come up with this great idea while i'm working on a task and I'll completely drop my current task to work on, in an attempt to remember, this amazing thought that came to me. Then another one comes up, and another. By this, I never end up fully completing any task... I render my old task somewhat void or irrelevant or sometimes I flat out forget about the previous tasks all together. The results? Incomplete Excel data sheets that contain "useful" data and websites to reference but nothing solid. I almost feel like I have similar duplicates when I work on new things. I love the fact that my mind is spitting out great ideas, but it becomes a distraction. This is a HUGE distraction. How will I approach this issue??

    Thanks, Cheers!!

    P.S. This even happened while I was writing this message. Thinking of a better thing to write and putting off the main focus, which led re-writing a few sentences in order to accommodate what I wrote before this new thought came to me.

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    -Start by carrying a notebook or keep a document in google docs or something. Take just enough notes about a thought in order to have recall later on then get back on task.

    -Chances are that not all of your ideas are brilliant so finish one task and then sort through your notes and pick the next one to work on if that is the situation. You could also pick a few to work on and schedule out your time so that they all get attention.

    -You probably need to cut down caffeine and increase sleep. If you want additional help focusing there are all kinds of solutions. The aggressive pharmaceutical route is provigil (haven't tried it b/c I don't like pharmaceuticals). The nootropic route includes things like alpha brain and ciltep. I've taken both and both are effective. I prefer ciltep.

    -You might also be surprised at how much cleaning up your diet and drinking tons of water can help.

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    I have a planner notebook where I write down all of my school work and anything that needs to be done each day. Basically a to do list. I couldn't survive without writing my tasks down. And the moment you think of something, just write it down real quick or else you'll forget about it. If you can't write it down immediately, say it out loud a few times so that your brain remembers it

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    In the beginning, I suffered from this. Especially early on. However, I found writing my ideas down AND recording with a memo app helped immensely. I also intentionally focus on projects, hold off on "cool ideas" and let the desire to complete a task/project be all the motivation I need.

    ADD and ADHD is a gift/curse, like all things, you need to know how to control it to your advantage.

    Hope that helps.

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