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    Link Your Experiences Together to Tie Up Your Development

    Every moment of every day is an experience for yourself and everyone around you.

    These experiences shape our world and are the basis for all innovation and development.
    People I talk to sometimes wonder how to succeed and innovate, the answer to this question is awareness!
    Be aware of what is going on around you and take a mental note of every happening.
    The ability to link together every experience you have allows you to create a rounded perspective on life which most people don't have.

    Consider how something works or why something might have happened and then you are removing yourself from the situation to better understand our world.
    From doing this, your next experience will be even more insightful given your new knowledge.

    Be the person the world needs for change through understanding why things happen.

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    That is great motivation.

    This is from Third Circle Theory correct?

    If you havent already, you should leave a review on amazon for TCT!



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