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    Controlling Emotions

    ...let go of emotion to make decisions. Sounds easy right?

    I have a hard time with this. It's the way I am. I get crazy stressed out when I run into problems, and I get mad and it stops me from finding a solution. I take things personally when they go wrong.

    When I get through it and find a solution, I look back and wonder why I was so upset. It seems stupid.

    How do you guys control your emotions? How do you separate yourself emotionally from your decisions?
    Tips? Exercises? Books?


    *First post. Happy to be here.

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    Hello JungleMatic,
    I know what you mean and i'm sure many of the of the people on here suffer the same thing you do on various degrees (including me). My main problem is that shyness has been instilled in my subconscious, and even though my logical part of my brain says i'm confidant my subconscious says otherwise. This has been a continuous constant battle with my self and I feel it has held me back from my true potential. Reason i say this is that i'm trying to start a mobile detailing business, and being a high schooler I cant afford to create a website so I basically have to door to door. At first I didn't think this was too bad until I got out of my car and started to approach my first door. Let's just say I was really nervous and the person said no, which is not uncommon for people to say no to a door to door sales person. Even though my logical part of my brain says no big deal well the subconscious starts to blame myself for why I didn't get that sale, now I have been trying to refine my skills and have been trying to force myself to go out there again for the past two days. Let's just say I have been miserable, and now I plan to really try again tomorrow when I know most people will be home for me to try and get a sale. The worst part about it is the constant battle with your own self. You yourself is the only true enemy, and even though I know for a fact that by now I probably could have gotten at least one sale. I have been fighting with myself on weather or not to go out even though i know I have to if i'm ever going to get over my fear. So what you are going through is completely normal. I have it just as bad as you and just about every single aspiring entrepreneur fights with himself/ herself at one point or another, and some never stop. In regards to tactics to combat it one thing I do is I wear a rubber band on my wrist, and every time I get a negative thought I pull it back and let it sting my wrist, and then try to think of something positive. It is hard and it is only going to get harder but that's the journey. We all have to go through it to get to were we want to go. Good luck my friend if you need anymore help i'll be glad to try to help you if I can.

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