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    What's going wrong ?

    Hi Guys,

    Been a long time since I didn't came here, but I suffer a mortorcycle accident which left me with my femur in three piece and after 1 year I'm finaly ready to build my way to sucess again.

    Here is my presentation

    After reading the Third circle theory I was alarmed with one sentence which is ;

    Choice + action (working very hard and not giving up) = Sucess

    I'm currently doing 15 hours/day with only half day per week to rest but I'm still strugling to reach a new path in my business.

    I know that a lot of differents things are needed to reach success but I'm starting to think that maybe the area where I'm located had change since a lot of people are moving etc...

    But I feel bad to think like that because I think that I'm the only responsible for this situation
    but I still don't see how to solve this.

    So my question is if one of you already have to face this kind of frustration in your career.

    Thanks for reading and for your help


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    From what I am reading, your business isnt doing as much in revenue as it was before, or it has hit a plateau, correct?

    This is business strategy. Don't be a sitting duck in a market that is going dry. Diversify your business so that you can sell to new customers, in new markets and make more money. Also keep in mind, if you died tomorrow what would happen to your business? If it stopped existing, is it really a business? Short answer, no.

    So these issues need to be dealt with, otherwise your company may need to fold if it continues to go down.

    I hope this was of aid,



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    Does anyone else think you can sometimes be too involved? I find a conversation with a neutral person or somebody with a different perspective can just help channel your mind again. Sometimes it has been people with no idea about your business. Just that impartial view that can spring new ideas.

    Have you looked at doing a SWOT analysis? I like to do it every so often just to reassess the situation!

    Hope this helps!

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