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    Beating Procrastination

    Hello SE,
    Procrastination has been killing me lately, yes, I understand it's all in the mindset, but sometimes I lack the will power to push through.

    What usually helps you beat through it?

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    When you really and honestly want it that bad enough, you'll push through.

    I've also procrastinated for far too long, but I've reached the point now that I'm pushing and grinding through. Even if I'm making small progress, I ensure I'm moving forward daily.

    Good luck bro,
    wish there was more help I could offer

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    For me, procrastinating is a form of seeking control... The times I procrastinate are often when a deadline looms and I simply dislike the idea of being forced to perform. By refusing, I am trying to act as though I am in control of the situation even though I am only putting myself further into a bind.

    It is indeed a tough habit to break, but one worth overcoming. The best thing is to take things in small bites. baby steps... Just start on the smallest part of the task. Even if you say "I'll just do this bit and stop," you'll usually get sucked in and overcome the procrastination.

    Best of luck!

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    Procrastination has a lot to do with your attitude, believe it or not.
    It's also about finding the right goals/motivation.
    Take a look at Secret Academy Episode - Ryan Lowe. Some of what he says regarding attitude might help you.

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