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    Red face Online Dating

    So I was watching the Secret Academy Episode - Lori Cheek who is the founder of Cheek’d - a savvy online social route that draws on the age-old custom of networking with business cards... which I personally think is brilliant but it also sparked an idea for a completely off-topic discussion here on the forum!

    Have you tried your hand at online dating? Care to share your funny stories/experiences? Or even funnies regarding regular dating?

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    So so so many. I'm surprised this thread is empty.

    Two of my best off the top of my mind?

    1) Matched with a gorgeous Italian girl on Tinder in Miami. Started talking?turns out she's from Detroit. Kept talking for a few months. Went to visit her for a fun, short weekend.

    When I arrived to the airport, I was at the wrong place when I was awaiting her pickup, and a fellow comes up, grabs my suitcase, and starts rolling it away. I'm just standing there looking at him, going "wtf..? I guess do as the romans.." so I follow him, and he goes: "I found your girl!" Me: "Sweet!"

    On the escalator down he turns around, takes out a fried chicken out of his suit pocket and offers it to me. Starving, I oblige. Holding my deep fried drumstick, I meet up with my girl for the first time. Was tasty. Detroit is awesome.

    2) It's not often I go past the third date from a dating app, but when I have someone good, I know. I met this cute little chick from Tinder and we went out to this outdoor plaza in Los Angeles. I immediately fell in love with everything about her?from her dress to her speech pattern. We had a great time and I bid her farewell.

    I usually don't do this but I called her the next day and go: "Get your affairs in order, I'm picking you up in a few hours." So she did, and I picked her up. We spent the evening in Santa Monica, where she suggested we go skinny dipping?so we did. I KNEW I had someone good!

    Reason for my urgency to claim my stake was because next day I was starting a solo road trip up the pacific coast highway for an undetermined amount of time, with no other plans other than to stay as close to the ocean as possible and drive until I hit Canada.

    While the road trip is a whole other story, the cute little chick and I kept talking. Long story short, she ended up flying out to meet me at an airport up north and spent the next few days driving down with me. It was amazing, and I'll never forget it.
    We've been dating for almost a year now.

    Wow. These are now officially on the internet.

    Anyone else? How about you Karen??

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