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    Is It Ok to Be a Quitter?

    In a recent Interview with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, I ended up having a deep conversation about failure and one's ability to recover from it. I also broke down how you can take all your past experiences and connect the dots in order to find what you are truly passionate about. During my interview, John mentioned how he, himself, had held multiple jobs in which he was very miserable prior to finding his calling with Entrepreneur on Fire, but he said something that I didn't quite agree with. Perhaps it was not meant to be taken literally, but I felt it needed to be discussed more.

    "It is ok to be a quitter."

    Thinking about this line in a literal sense may seem contradictory to everything we teach at the Secret Entourage Academy, and I decided to expand on the context of when quitting is a good idea. While it is my belief that quitting is never an option and giving up doesn't exist in my dictionary, I do believe that you have to know when you have leveraged yourself enough and the time has come to expose yourself to new experiences. Many people ask me if they should stay at their dead end job after they have only been there 6 months, and find themselves bored. Others ask me if they should give up on their venture when they clearly haven't made any money after 6 months of hard work.

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    It is okay to be a LOSER but not a QUITTER .

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