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    Question What Is Your Daily Schedule?

    This is a pretty simple topic. I want to know what your schedule looks like on a day-to-day basis. Weekends included.

    Also, where are you currently in your life?
    If you've read Third Circle Theory, what phase do you see yourself in currently?

    I also want to know - are you happy? Do you still strive for more? Are you on the grind every day working towards your goals? Come home, research more to self-educate yourself or sit on the couch until you fall asleep?

    Do you have a health/wellness plan you practice regularly? Workout? Diet? Train professionally? How do you fit that into your schedule?

    The idea here is to share WHAT you are currently doing and if you are having struggles. Sometimes sharing what your life involves allows other perspectives to analyze and come up with better strategies.
    And sometimes your struggles/solutions can teach others better ways of living or time management.

    Share away!!

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    The last few months I have taken some big steps towards changing my prospective and mindset when it comes to business and life (a lot thanks to the Academy!). Some of these might sound drastic but I wanted drastic results and those require steps normal people don't want to take. Here is a quick breakdown of what I have been doing.

    Daily Morning Habits:
    Wake up every morning at 5am
    Instant 100 push ups, squats and ab crunches
    Write out my daily goals 5 times
    Freezing cold shower
    Healthy breakfast and fresh raw vegetable juice

    Start right into biggest task, complete task (eat that frog!)
    Quick business email, linkedin and sales check
    Crush out next 3-5 major tasks
    1 hour gym session / kick boxing
    Good for serotonin levels, cardio, and confidence - I picked the toughest sessions I could find. Cold calls are a lot easier when you have just been fighting someone for an hour!
    Healthy home cooked lunch (cheap but quality food, no slump after eating)

    Brainstorm business ideas
    Business meetings in person or on Skype
    Reading or further learning
    Plan next day

    The Brainwashing Part:
    The no's...
    No drink, drugs, masturbation or porn
    No apps like Instagram, FB, games or similar
    No entertainment: tv, nights out, fun apps, news sites, forums other than this one
    No time with people who are negative or not driven
    No spending money on "stuff" - essentials only

    The yes's...
    Any moment where I can't work I blast motivational ebooks, podcasts, learning courses, or educational content. Shower, podcast, gym - ebook, walking - education etc.

    My goals are everywhere. They are written on my window in massive writing, they are on the front of my laptop, they are on my phone, they are written on the inside of my cupboards. They get done, they get tracked, they get tweaked EVERYDAY.

    Networking and adding value to everyone worth my time. I am not focused on money but getting on the same level of those who I look up to and aspire to be. I want to be exposed to their way of thinking, habits and results.

    Dress well, look sharp, walk confident and be assertive. No ifs, maybes, buts. Say what I want to say.

    Everything is positive. My mind is constantly surrounded by what I want in life and what will help me get there. I have no expected source of negative influence. Everything has been removed.

    Before I go to bed:
    Review day, write out goals for tomorrow, go over major goals and listen to 30 minutes of inspirational audio.

    Also I take a half day off on the weekend and spend time with friends. I am not some monk living in a cave but I have eliminated a lot of daily time wasting and focused on maximizing the 80/20 rule across everything I do. I create more quality time by getting more work done in a more efficient manner. In fact my relationships have improved noticeably also while on this plan.

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    Kudos for having a ritual!. I definitely have mine too.

    I will say some of my best work happens after I allow myself time to decompress. I don't party or drink often, rarely watch TV except for some sports etc.

    But I will say giving some time for the mind to relax and allowing yourself to go out, or have a Sunday morning, or even full day where you focus on everything but work, can leave you recharged, productive and fresh with new ideas. I went a year and a half working everyday... I never noticed how important some quality R&R and fun winds up being towards achieving goals until I deprived myself of it.

    Totally think living the way you describe most of the time is the way to achieve things people only dream of (it's how I have been living and getting things done), but I know for myself and maybe some others, it's ok to live a little bit outside of that arena.

    More power to you though doing what works for you.

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    This is pretty much what has caused a transformation in my life the last few months.

    I saw it as... I don't have to make a billion dollars before I can be billionaire. I just have to become my billionaire self, by aligning actions with results. Or in other words, do what my billionaire self would do, reverse engineered success. I've certainly made some progress using this train of thought.

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