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    Don't Sweat The Little Stuff

    In business and life some little things are important. Saying thank you, remembering birthdays, returning the favor - that kind of stuff.

    Most little things are not important.

    I was reading a thread on here the other day about a guy who wanted to quit procrastinating and get moving with starting a business. He went in straight away and started selling on Amazon and eBay. He made a few mistakes, altered course slightly, got an account banned, learned many lessons along the way but in 45 days he made $4500 and proved that taking action pays off.

    What is the little thing?

    One of the people reading the thread, who presumably was impressed by the immediate action taken and the results gained, asked the question: "Do you use a personal or business bank account? Can you recommend a specific branch to bank with?"

    Talk about missing the point and focusing on the little things.

    All that thread was focused on just getting out there, doing something and making it happen and the guy reading is stuck wondering who to open a bank account with.

    Little things like that, although important over time, are not going to make or break your business, they're just going to slow down or put off getting started.

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    This is so true and it is still something I struggle with if I'm not careful. It is easy to put things off until you know every little detail (which you never will).

    I've been studying a business method for at least two weeks now and it wasn't until two days ago that I took action and put in some real work. I could have studied another several weeks easily but I am glad I got to work. We can adjust and correct mistakes along the way, though there is nothing to correct if you haven't done anything.

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