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    Business help books


    I?m a relatively new entrepreneur and have been really enjoying the feeling of steering the ship and making my own decisions that determine the success or otherwise of my own business. It?s both amazing and daunting to have all the responsibility on my shoulders. I?ve started a business in the hospitality field and love providing a great service to the public and seeing the rewards of that directly.

    As I?m pretty new at this I?ve been researching and getting as much assistance as I can from the wealth of resources and ideas that are out there. One of the things I?ve been doing is reading a lot about best business practices and approaches. The things that top entrepreneurs do to be successful.

    I?ve been researching new business books to buy and have found a book called the Entrepeneur?s Handbook by J Goldenburg.

    Has anyone read this book? Would you recommend it? Or are there other texts that you would recommend for new business owners? What were the books that inspired you?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
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