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    Cool 5 songs to motivate every entrepreneur

    Music is a powerful motivator and key to success. It reinforces your confidence to create and express yourself in a new way. A right playlist can rewire your mind and provide you with the much-needed energy boost to climb the ladder of success.

    Need a song to motivate you on your way to success? Pick up those ear-phones, lose yourself in the groove and get ready to fire up. Here are 10 songs that are sure to lift your mood and push you to success.

    Started From The Bottom - Drake
    This song was a big hit when it released and is no doubt still one of the best motivational songs(I might be biased, as just like Drake, I hail from the 6ix). The song helps you visualise everything good about your life and future success while gently reminding you about the importance of staying humble and down to earth after success kisses your feet. The takeaway for entrepreneurs: When you make it big, share your success with those who supported you in the beginning.

    Billionaire - Bruno Mars ft. Travie McCoy
    If making money is your sole motivation, this song is tailored for you. It is an anthem for every person who wants to be successful and become a billionaire. The song's enchanting lyrics and beat are enough to push you to get up and get working.

    Rise up - Pennywise
    When you do something for a cause or to reach the highest ladder, there will be voices trying to bring you down. What you have to do is let the haters hate and walk ahead with your chin up, and that's exactly what this song reminds you. "Take time to find a way, focus on your vision, you're on a secret mission, ignore what the masses say We got to fight, we got to feel, we got to know that this is real.Dare to envision, hold on to your decision, take control of each passing day."

    All I Do Is Win - DJ Khaled
    "Got money on my mind I can never get enough, and every time I step up in the buildin', everybody hands go up and they stay there and they say yeah." The ultimate goal of every entrepreneur is to win, to make a difference in the world with their existence ? and this song by DJ Khaled is sure to keep you motivated by helping you get that good old winning spirit back.

    Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

    A song that every entrepreneur MUST listen to! This song is all about survival. And the courage to fight against all odds with only the will to survive. Here are some parts of the song-"Went the distance, now I?m back on my feet /Just a man and his will to survive /So many times, it happens too fast /You change your passion for glory /Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past /You must fight just to keep them alive." In the dog-eat-dog attitude of the business world, the only way you stand a chance is with a strong will to survive and beat the odds. "Eye of the Tiger" is a great song for motivating your survival instinct.

    Please feel free to suggest other songs that you find motivating, and maybe I'll put a second version of this list together soon enough.
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