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    Free Easy Anonymous Help

    Good day to you, whoever reading this.

    My name is Vegard Engesvik (Norweigan, i don't expect you to be able to pronounce it) and im 17 years old from Tvedestrand, Norway. I just joined SE to take my first step towards becoming an entrepeneur and i figured airing my ideas here would be great in order to get some feedback. I am posting everything about this single idea, to be able to know the potential of my ideas. I fear not anyone copying or stealing my idea, because i will always be able to come up with more of them.

    So my life is in a mess at the moment, and as an introvert i struggle opening up to people, so theres my problem right there. A solution to it would be an anonymous app, where you with issues or an intention of helping people, would be able to create an account and go through a verification.

    Here you can connect with people inside certain radiuses, or outside certain radiuses' depending on how you feel. Allowing free internet based chat about issues or just letting of some steam.

    These conversations will be deleted after a certain time, or only able to reach through password decryption like on your phone, so other people on your phone will be able to read things you might not be comfortable reading.

    The name of the app/media at the moment is Speek, and i've created these pictures in photoshop to give you guys the feel of what i might make it look like, but im feeling keen on exhanging the black for a white, so it won't encourage sad feelings, and rather boost you up.

    Please do give me some feedback, positive or negative!
    You guys are the first ones im letting in on this.

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    So is this concept similar to the Whisper App?

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