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    Shirt printing - Local vs overseas

    Hi Everyone,

    I just read the guide put out by the Entrprnr guys about starting an apparel business.

    I was just looking for some insight from anyone who had started a clothing business, regarding getting the shirt printing done locally, versus having the manufacturer themselves do the printing.

    The guys from Entrprnr mentioned getting it done locally. However, from the research i've done on Alibaba, it seems that it would be more cost effective to have it all done from the manufacturer; at least those manufacturers that offer silk screen printing, sublimation printing, etc.

    Thanks in advance everyone.

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    I would assume the advantage of having it done locally is for quality control.

    I am not experienced in clothing but based on other dealings I will tell you this, I am cautious of contracting someone I cannot meet in person. So many issues have been resolved in 10 minutes face to face versus call/email/text/video/flying.

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    Yeah nothing says high end apparel than made in China and disintegrates in the wash. lol

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