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    BlankCanvas the Brand!

    Hey everyone,

    I am 17 years old and I own BlankCanvasEntertainment. I manage young musicians for no cost at all to promote and brand their music/identity. I work with such talented artist who don't get the exposure they deserve. I am also creating a movement for all of you dreamers out there who need that little push to become the best you that you can be. The #BlankCanvas brand is a brand I created to express that your life is a BlankCanvas and you create your masterpiece. I created a t-shirt brand that can be interpreted in many different ways and will impact many struggling entrepreneurs or dreamers in general with their future ventures. I hope I inspire everyone to take those risk and create their own masterpiece. You can find us on Instagram/Twitter @BlankCanvas_Ent and our website
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    the 6ix
    Welcome to the forums blankcanvas! How do you plan on earning an income if you are managing musicians at no cost?

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