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    Lightbulb Looking to find new Clients locally!

    Hey guys I am a personal trainer in the north shore area of Boston Massachusetts. I currently am working for a personal training company, ands also working with some private clients. The profit on the privates is obviosuly much greater. I wanted to see if you guys had any ideas or reccomendations in addition to my current methods (flyers, friends and family refferals) for getting private clients in a local area. My goal is to go entirely private and eventually bring in some other pts to form a small company in the area. Ive thought about newspaper ads, or maybe dipping into local Facebook groups. Any other thoughts on how to localize and find more clients?


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    Here's a few ideas:
    -sample work out videos on a Facebook/instagram page. Free samples work for so many industries. You could focus on stuff like the perfect form for a squat or lunge, and give a discount or free class for people who share the video with a certain number of friends.
    - small group classes. yes, the revenue per client goes down, but some people shy away from one on one. And some people may come to a class and like it so much, they sign up for one on one.

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    I'd do what Batman said and would add that, I'd target people for training who have a larger social media platform. Doesn't need to be in the millions, a low thousands should do. Give the workouts and training for discounts for them to post workouts with you. If they work out for the most part, most of their friends are probably similar. Just make sure to have content on your page.

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    Check out and look for some workout groups. Also think outside of fitness. Find a company that is a 9-5 and has employees that sit at computers all day. Maybe a bank ... go to them and say, I want to offer your employees two weeks of free personal training because I know how stressful the job is. Just see what happens, get creative.

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