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    Cannot find insurance

    Hey everyone, figure I would share whats going on with my project. I cant seem to find an insurance company willing to work with me. I am a firearms training company, and so far have been turned down by 70 or so companies. I have been told it has to do with my approach as I offer things not really offered in my field so no one knows how to write a policy for it. I started offering in-the-home laser training, it works with plastic replica guns and shoots a laser and a software records the hit and shows it on a computer for review. The other reason I have been told is a turnoff for some companies is that I dont have my own facility. I am going out this week to talk to a couple of community centers to see if they would allow me to teach in one of their rent-able classrooms. They company cannot afford to have even its own office space right now, so I am hoping this will be a good solution. I am currently also getting a policy written for just basic instruction at a Live range. Which is way easier than the laser go figure. I do that training at local public ranges, but i really need to find a classroom area to teach the first part. My future plans is to build a training facility/private club but that will be down the road as it is very expensive.

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    find a competitor. find out what who they're using.

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    I do work in the insurance sector as well, send me a PM if you're still looking or want me to find a deal for ya

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