Hi there, I haven't been on in a really long time. In the past I was working on a online lottery app (WinInNumbers) that would let you play with other people and purchase tickets online. It turns out that with the current laws in my state I wouldn't be able to do it as intended. I hired a fellow from here after watching his video interview and I believe along with others was swindled a bit in the process. The guys name was Adam Arellano, I ended up paying him thousands for what I could have had 99Designs do for a few hundred. Oh well, this is all in the past now.

Recently about a year ago a new company launched and got around $2.4M in funding that was essentially the same thing that I had been working on. It's name is AutoLotto. Its only running in the states where it is legal to do so. I have an idea but would like to get input from you guys about it, the original idea of mine has always been in the back of my mind and I often find myself making it better all the time. I have an idea that I believe would make them money hand over fist if implemented in their product and its something that they are not doing now. What I am wondering is how would I go about telling them the idea meanwhile protecting me from getting screwed over and them just doing it and leaving me out.

Any input would help, Ive been thinking a lot about this lately and think that I just need to do something about it. This is my first step.