Hello Secret Academy! My name is Brandt Maples I am in the Houston, Tx area, looking to find a mentor to take me to the next level. I am 28 and have big dreams of owning by own business(es). I have extensive background in sales and as Grant Cardone says "I am in a hurry to serve customers".
I am working a sales job right now but am searching for a way to improve my life for my family, I have a toddler and a wife. I previously worked for a business Icon here in Houston for 6.5 years who is extremely successful here in the Houston area, and learned how to run a business, and handle problems. I never learned how to start, where to begin, would love to be able to put the skills I feel I have to good use!

I have been a member here since 2016 and have yet to really reach out, I am also a huge fan of self help, Grant Cardone, Jeremy Miner, Gary V are guys I listen to and admire!

I look forward to moving forward and growing, as well as listening to any and all feedback I can get!